The grit behind the glamour.

As the host of Fashion Television for the last 25 years Jeanne Beker is a familiar face to millions. Now she’s taken all that experience in and around the fashion industry and used it to write a book about modeling entitled “Strutting It!”. I read an early draft and I have to say - its a must-read for anyone interested in models or modeling. I was privileged enough to be asked to write the foreword for the book (I know, I’m writing all over the place these day!) and so I’m happy to show you the first 3 pages… for free!

Its out on February 8th so to read more, go buy your copy!

by Coco Rocha

I’m back! Did you miss me!? First things first: I just want to say, my wedding and the honeymoon were absolutely wonderful. This whole last month was a true fairytale come true for me and I promise that you’re going to hear all about AND see the pictures very soon and in a very special way! 
For now though, for my first blog as Mrs. Coco Rocha Conran, I’m going to write about something very special that happened in Toronto just a week before James and I traded our vows. On May 27th I was priveleged to host a little event called:

Actually, it was anything but a small event - It seemed like all of fashionable Canada came out to support Todd Lynn, Jeanie Becker and myself for an evening for fashion and music. Over 1000 people bought tickets to the show and all the benefits went to a very worthy cause, childrens with cancer.

All in all it was a total success. If you missed it, have no fear: next year is already shaping up to be just as fantastic. Go to to find out how you can help make 2011 even better!!!