Coco Rocha - Harpers Bazaar Australia from Coco Rocha on Vimeo.

Harpers Bazaar Australia - Fashion Film

New fashion film shot by Todd Barry (Remember when he and I shot inside the Sydney Opera House last year?) for Harpers Bazaar Australia, now running live at Styled by Karla Clarke, makeup by Kellie Stratton and hair by Mich McQuillan.

See the cover shot HERE.

Behind the scenes: Schön Magazine - September 2013 

Check check check it out! XX

"To Catch A Thief" - By Stylist Magazine.

Fashion magazines nearly always have some video component that goes along with their editorials and cover shoots these days, but Stylist Magazine went above and beyond. I loved making this and the old Hollywood film noir feel of it all. Check it out here or on Youtube.

REHEARSAL - A short film by Poppy Gordon & Matt Kliegman

Here’s great little video where I talk about embracing your flaws, my love of dance and my dance role model (and now good friend), Jean Butler. In reality, without her inspiring me to dance I never would have been scouted as a model. 

RESET: A short film by the CFDA & Swarovski from Coco Rocha on Vimeo.

RESET: A short film by the CFDA & Swarovski 

This week was the CFDA Fashion Awards, aka the Oscars of fashion. They screened this short film during the show where Reid Prebenda and myself play a pair of helpless singles who just can’t seem to get it right. Our film highlighted the 2013 CFDA nominees for Swarovski Womenswear Designer of the Year, Menswear Designer of the Year and Accessories Designer of the Year. Keep your eyes peeled for all of them!

To watch the rest of the award show, go to

Hunger Magazine - Coco X Cavalli

I’ve always enjoyed the new opportunities that being a model has brought along. It has led me to try interesting things like creating a jewelry line, a documentary film and, more recently, a little foray into television. However, when Rankin, one of my favorite photographers, asked me to consider SINGING for our new editorial I said flat out “NO WAY!” I’ve done my fair share of karaoke in Koreatown and I’ve seen the looks on those people’s faces. Eventually he and my husband did a little arm twisting and chicken name-calling and they got me into a studio in Brooklyn to let my inner Tina Turner take flight - or not!

In all seriousness, I had a lot of fun on this Coco X Cavalli editorial for Hunger Magazine - but do NOT hold your breath for the full length album any time soon ;)

Xx Coco

White House | Black Market - New Campaign Film

For my third White House | Black Market commerical we stuck with the dancing theme, but brought in one of my favorite photographers, Ellen Von Unwerth, to direct. You might remember Ellen shot my Vs Magazine cover and editorial last year. I love the song and vibe of this commercial and I had so much fun messing up that perfectly minimalist set!

Watch my first tap dancing campaign film for WHBM here. Watch the second dance battle (with myself) here.

Karen & Raquel for Lanvin - By Steven Meisel.

This is a fashion film after my own heart!! Loving Lanvin’s Fall/Winter campaign starring two of my favorite girls, Karen Elson and Raquel Zimmermann, dancing up a storm - not to mention a cameo by Mr. Alber Elbaz himself. To top it all off, it was shot by my favorite photographer. Pure GENIUS!!

JACOB - Behind The Scenes.

Last week I showed you the first look at the Jacob campaign, and now I’m happy to show you yet another behind-the-scenes fashion film, which means I’ve posted four videos in one week! Are you tired of them yet? Don’t answer that… ;)

As you might remember, Jacob and I took a stand together to promote a healthy body image with the company’s ‘No Retouching’ policy on this campaign.

Filmed in Montreal, June 2011.

VENICE - Behind the scenes.

Here is Americana Manhasset’s classic behind-the-scenes look at top male model Sean Opry and myself as we dance our way around Venice, Italy. Let me just say, there is a very good reason Sean is considered the best working male model around! We had an amazing time with an absolutely wonderful crew and I will always cherish this week we all spent in Venice.

VENICE UNMASKED - Americana Manhasset.

Three months ago I posted an album of iPhone pictures taken in Venice on my Facebook, and now I can finally reveal what exactly I was there for! Americana Manhasset invited me to be a part of their fall campaign, shooting on location amongst the beautiful canals, bridges and palazzos of Venice, Italy. This was the second time I worked with Americana Manhasset on a fashion film - you might remember that in 2007 we shot a great little feature together in Paris (link HERE).

Have a look at this short film, and coming up next is the behind-the-scenes video which I think is equally fun!

LAGERFELD FOR MACY’S - Behind the scenes.

A few weeks ago I announced my part in the Karl Lagerfeld for Macy’s collaboration. Now a behind-the-scenes video has been released along with Karl’s images from the campaign. Watch the video above and then check out the full campaign on my facebook HERE.

The line debuts online and in over 200 stores on August 31st!