MILAN FASHION WEEK - My Armani Exclusive
February 27th, 2012 

  1. Look who I bumped into in Milan! Remember this crazy Ellen Von Unwerth shoot? (HERE)
  2. Amazing wall-mounted statue.
  3. Shoes at Armani.
  4. Early morning fun backstage with my girl Siri Tollerod. Check out the last time we worked together HERE.
  5. Hair & makeup at Armani.
  6. My two looks at today’s show. I was asked to open for the 3rd time in a row! 

MICHAEL KORS: Coco Rocha for New York Mag.

For my 4th video report with New York Magazine’s The Cut Blog, I speak with Michael Kors about his “energizer bunny” tendencies, and how he’s the only designer in New York whose models actually show up on time. Also, makeup artist Dick Page (who worked as a butcher before entering the beauty industry) nearly stabs me with a makeup brush. See all this, and a moment with my girl Arizona Muse!