SPAIN via INSTAGRAM - June 5th - 13th, 2012.

  1. At the airport with James. We’re heading to Spain for a bit of business and a bit of pleasure. It’s our 2nd wedding anniversary!
  2. The stone guarddog outside my castle for the day. In Madrid, Spain.
  3. This is how you make an entrance.
  4. Iron Man circa 1800s.
  5. The giants watching over Madrid.
  6. At the train station in Madrid, heading out for a few days in Barcelona with my love!
  7. Apple logo on the Spanish landscape. I love traveling by train!
  8. Plaza de España, Barcelona. On the night of my anniversary.
  9. Hmm… to go to Merlin’s Discoteca or not….

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! - Exactly one year ago today I married the love of my life in a fairytale wedding in France. I’m so happy to be spending this week at a beautiful resort in Mexico with my James, looking back over the amazing first year we’ve shared together.

Love to you all,
Coco & James

*For the longer version of this wedding film go HERE.
*For the wedding pictures please go HERE.

Coco + James // Short film from Americana Cinema on Vimeo.


James and I would like to give a heart felt thanks and credit to the following people:

  • Cynthia Nicholson and her lovely family who opened the grand doors of their Chateau to us. Cynthia, you made us all feel like royalty and gave us two days we will never forget.  (I highly recommend you to make a trip to Chateau Challain in the Loire valley and spend the night, it’s worth the trip!)
  • Gilbert Le and his amazing Americana Cinema crew who made these beautiful films. He’s simply THE best cinematographer we ever met and he realized our vision for the film perfectly. Thank you Gilbert for capturing the look, feel and ambiance of our special day in a way we can always cherish.
  • Our wonderful family and friends who made it all the way out to France to watch us exchange our vows. You are the reason we are who we are and we love you with all our hearts.
  • Zac Posen and his talented team who created a true masterpiece for me to wear. I can never thank you enough for making this little girls dream come true Zac, you are a true artist and friend.
  • Additional thanks to Dior Homme for James’ handsome tuxedo and Liz Pugh at Rimmel for coming all the way from London to do my make-up.

I sign off now as,Mrs. Coco Rocha Conran.

Coco + James // Teaser from Americana Cinema on Vimeo.

Coco + James // Short film from Americana Cinema on Vimeo.

by Coco Rocha

Within this blog you often see into my professional life but, once I saw these films I realized that though personal, they were too beautiful to keep to myself. The first film is just 3 minutes long and is perfect for those of you who may not have much time. The second  film (which I shall post next) is an expanded 18 minute version and contains some lovely interviews. I’m happy to present to you the first of two short films documenting our wedding in France, the happiest day of my life.

by Coco Rocha for Huffington Post

This Spring my fiancé James and I decided to have a fairy tale wedding across the Atlantic in a castle in the Loire Valley of France. Since this was to be a destination wedding we soon decided we didn’t want to back-track halfway around the world for our honeymoon. James suggested Corsica as a possibility. Neither of us had been there and, to be honest, I’d never even heard of it! To me the name “Corsica” sounded like a made-up world like Pandora, where the Na’vi live. To my surprise the country was indeed real and in fact very beautiful in all the pictures I saw doing research. When we got there, we realized we didn’t even know the half of it.

Corsica is the most mountainous island of the Mediterranean due to the fact that it was created out of a series of huge volcanic eruptions. Picture dramatic cliffs falling into the ocean and rich green mountains rising over the horizon. For the most part Corsica is untouched compared to similar islands I’ve been to. Nearly half of the land is devoted to nature reserves so driving across the island you get the feeling that this is your own private place. On a road trip going nowhere in particular, James and I set off in our little rental car and hugged the tiny mountain roads, making stops at old abandoned stone farm houses and ice cold mountain waterfalls where we stripped down and swam. We basically saw no one else around most of the time, exactly what a couple on their honeymoon hopes for. When we weren’t exploring the island by car, James and I stayed in a gorgeous northern coastal town called Ille Rousse. Within two days we felt completely at home there, roaming the winding cobble stone streets for new restaurants to try. We found the food was mostly a French-Italian mix of pastas, seafood and pizza, and we greedily devoured it all. Both James and I have always hated olives but, for some odd reason, we dared each other to try one in Corsica and we were instantly hooked! I don’t know what it was about those olives, but they were amazing and when we came back to New York and tried an olive here, it just wasn’t the same.
Corsica is very much your own experience. No one is going to hold your hand to guide you or to hold you back. In all the beaches we lounged on there were no signs posted “Do Not Swim Here” which was both very freeing and a little scary. I get rather nervous when I don’t know what else is swimming around me so my snorkel helped me to assure myself that Jaws was not actually right underneath me. The ocean, by the way, was crystal clear and a gorgeous shade of turquoise. I truly loved Corsica, and that funny name will forever be associated with my beautiful honeymoon and first two weeks as a married woman.

We’ve said we are going back there for our 10-year anniversary.

by Coco Rocha

I’m back! Did you miss me!? First things first: I just want to say, my wedding and the honeymoon were absolutely wonderful. This whole last month was a true fairytale come true for me and I promise that you’re going to hear all about AND see the pictures very soon and in a very special way! 
For now though, for my first blog as Mrs. Coco Rocha Conran, I’m going to write about something very special that happened in Toronto just a week before James and I traded our vows. On May 27th I was priveleged to host a little event called:

Actually, it was anything but a small event - It seemed like all of fashionable Canada came out to support Todd Lynn, Jeanie Becker and myself for an evening for fashion and music. Over 1000 people bought tickets to the show and all the benefits went to a very worthy cause, childrens with cancer.

All in all it was a total success. If you missed it, have no fear: next year is already shaping up to be just as fantastic. Go to to find out how you can help make 2011 even better!!!

I Will Follow Him
by Coco Rocha

Lately it seems like I’ve had only the wedding on my mind. Late the other night my roommate Jessica, my friend Lillian and I decided to make a funny little video. It was meant for James but we decided it was too funny to keep to ourselves.  I hope you enjoy it because we certainly enjoyed making it!!!

This is what happens when three girls are up at 3:00 in the morning, and have nothing to do…