Vogue Mexico - Behind-the-scenes

As I mentioned in my blog post a few weeks back, there is no crazier location to shoot than Times Square, New York, in the middle of the day. Here are a few of my personal behind-the-scenes shots from the Vogue Mexico shoot. My all-time favorite is the one where Woody from Toy Story is just passively standing to the side watching me model Dolce & Gabbana. I have a very, very strange life. To see the actual editorial go HERE.


Gracia Urbana (Urban Grace) - Vogue Mexico
December, 2012 

My second editorial for next months Vogue Mexico took place in the center of the universe - aka - Times Square New York. Having shot everywhere from outside in the middle of a blizzard to a room literally on fire I can honestly say, here is probably no crazier place on earth for a model to shoot than Times Square in the middle of the day. All the tourists swarm and think you’re Mickey Mouse, stopping to point or take your picture. I remember at one point all the girls and guys working at Sephora came out of the store and were my own personal cheer leaders, it was amazing. Dewey Nicks the photographer would sometimes use a very long camera lens so often I was posing like a mad-woman with no apparent photographer around, leaving everyone to wonder what on earth this crazy baroque-looking ballerina was doing flailing her arms and legs in every direction. As a side note, many years ago I worked with Dewey on a shoot in the pacific north west with my friend Behati Prinsloo (remember this cute picture?). We spent half our time running around the forest, hiding from production, and just generally acting like 12 year olds so I’m sure it took him at least this long to take me seriously again! haha.

All clothing by Dolce & Gabbana, styling by Sarah Gore Reeves.


by Coco Rocha

Hello from gorgeous Costa Rica!!! If you’re in north America and you watched TV on Wednesday night you might have figured out the mystery of my Times Square billboard - The billboard was actually part of last weeks Project Runway challenge which was won by Gretchen Jones. As part of her prize I was asked to model her navy jumpsuit to appear on the Marie Claire campaign. So the big secret is now out, which is good, it was getting pretty awkward keeping it -  even my Auntie was trying to get the info out of me!!! For more information on the episode click HERE and for a cute little article about the Project Runway preview party I went to last week go HERE.