VMA's Red Carpet Hosted by Coco Rocha from Americana Cinema on Vimeo.

MTV’s Red Carpet Report
By Coco Rocha

Two weeks ago I told you I was skipping town on New York fashion week to go host the red carpet event for MTV’s VMA’s. Turns out it was actually a white carpet but needless to say, it was a very fun experience. For a few hours I was interviewing everyone you can think of and asking them any question I could think of. Really, I had no idea what I was doing but if you missed it I’m posting some of my highlights in this blog. The links will probably only be available to my American readers so, for the rest of the world,  please go to your countries MTV website (Canada is MTV.ca) and look for my “Red Carpet Report”.

  1. See Snooki visibly disgusted by my lack of tan - http://on.mtv.com/bo8nKj
  2. Watch me blatantly ask Amber to let me be on Glee - http://on.mtv.com/dmUNsm
  3. Jared Leto from 30 Seconds To Mars admits to an identity crisis - http://on.mtv.com/9yyhBq
  4. Akon confesses aspirations to be a runway model - http://on.mtv.com/9jjQVK
  5. I found out what exactly is Rick Ross and Neyo’s “swag” - http://on.mtv.com/dqEPBb
  6. In this clip B.o.B and I yell at each other - http://on.mtv.com/btcah5
  7. Travie McCoy tells me I need “a little shining” - http://on.mtv.com/aiLwwn
  8. I ask deadmau5 if he’s ever been a livemau5 - http://on.mtv.com/aNOgQ3
  9. Pitbull claims to have put this whole outfit together for $5 -  http://on.mtv.com/duVjb7
  10. I tell Chuy from Chelsea Lately he can call me Cock Roach - http://on.mtv.com/aErDP5
  11. My girl Ciara loosing feathers and looking amazing in Givency - http://on.mtv.com/dAsqmQ
  12. Fellow Canadian Drake and I discuss fashion - http://on.mtv.com/aGVogC

I created an album of all the cell phone pictures I took and tweeted HERE annnd, if that wasn’t enough for you - Here’s some video footage James took of me while on the red (white) carpet, edited by every ones favorite editor, Mr. Gilbert Le.