Coco X Cavalli - Hunger Magazine

Last week I posted the music video Rankin created to go along with this editorial. Yes, you heard right - I’m actually singing on this one. Yikes. Here are a few of the kaleidoscopic shots going into the most recent issue of Hunger Magazine featuring the latest from Roberto Cavalli. Stay tuned for more, and go watch the video HERE.


Hunger Magazine - Coco X Cavalli

I’ve always enjoyed the new opportunities that being a model has brought along. It has led me to try interesting things like creating a jewelry line, a documentary film and, more recently, a little foray into television. However, when Rankin, one of my favorite photographers, asked me to consider SINGING for our new editorial I said flat out “NO WAY!” I’ve done my fair share of karaoke in Koreatown and I’ve seen the looks on those people’s faces. Eventually he and my husband did a little arm twisting and chicken name-calling and they got me into a studio in Brooklyn to let my inner Tina Turner take flight - or not!

In all seriousness, I had a lot of fun on this Coco X Cavalli editorial for Hunger Magazine - but do NOT hold your breath for the full length album any time soon ;)

Xx Coco

ELLE - by Rankin

Here are some more pictures from the Elle shoot I did with Rankin (see the others HERE).  Fashion from top to bottom: Burberry, Rupert Sanderson, Valentino,  Dolce & Gabbana and Erdem.

Stylist: Natalia Osadchaya
Hair Stylist: Nich Irwin
Makeup Artist: Caroline Saulnier