Oceana Magazine - Super Role Model

One of the unexpected responsibilities that goes along with being a model or public figure is that your actions can and will affect lots of younger people who may look up to you. It’s something I’ve tried to take seriously over the years because I feel there is a severe lack of good role models in the media for young people to emulate.

The above editorial and interview go along with the Oceana covers I posted earlier this week. The magazine’s primary focus is on the juxtaposition of fashion, charity and leadership, so I was happy to talk a lot about my favorite charities and why I support them. Senhoa is a group in Cambodia that rescues little girls from human trafficking and gives them a home, an education and a job. I designed a special jewelry line for Senhoa and asked my friends Behati Prinsloo, Caroline Trentini and Iman to model it and my fellow The Face castmate Nigel Barker to photograph it. 

LakayPam is a group in Haiti that supports and nurtures hundreds of orphans, many of whom were affected by the earthquake. In addition to fundraising events, my husband James, Behati and I traveled down to Haiti to create a documentary (click HERE to watch) and raise awareness for the ongoing difficulties in that country.  

The Model Alliance is a New York-based group which is fighting for fair and safe working standards for younger models. Though we are a new group, we have already seen lots of industry support and incremental change for the better.

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Oceana Magazine - 2012
Covers 1 & 2

Oceana is the first national, charity-based periodical that celebrates the marriage of high-end Canadian fashion, art, photography and leadership. When they asked me to be their 2012 cover girl and told me all profits from the magazine go to Sick Kids Hospital, I jumped at the opportunity. Stay tuned for the editorial and interview where I discuss some of the charities close to my heart.

Both cover photos by Chris Nicholls. Which one is your favorite?