LOU LOU - Three weeks ago I announced my partnership with Jacob on a completely Photoshop free campaign for the Canadian brand. Lou Lou magazine met up with me at the Old Port in Montreal to watch the shoot take place and to ask me a few questions about the campaign, Haiti and my nerdy use of social media. Have a look…

To Monsieur Gaultier - Right now Jean Paul Gaultier is in Canada for a massive career retrospective hosted by The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. I had hoped to join him there for this momentous occasion but sadly it turned out I had to stay in New York this week. I have heard amazing things about the exhibit and hope to see it myself very soon!

In the meantime, here is the video we made for the Jean Paul Gaultier shoot Elle magazine had a few months back. All the outfits are vintage Gaultier. You may have seen this the last time I posted it but now its re-edited with a new song (by our friend ALLIES) and a few new scenes.

The World of Jean Paul Gaultier.
Cover & editorial shoot honoring JPG by Nelson Simoneau.

When I heard that Canada was hosting the very first retrospective devoted to my dear friend Jean Paul Gaultier, I immediately jumped at the chance to be a part of the celebrations. Starting June 17th, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts will display 35 years of outstanding work by Mr. Gaultier at The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk. Over 120 haute couture dresses and ready-to-wear pieces made from 1976 to 2011 will be on display and I can tell you, they are all exquisite! A few months back I was fortunate enough to get to see some of these archive pieces up close and personal - in fact I wore them for a very special Jean Paul Gaultier editorial and cover featured in this month’s Elle Canada and Elle Quebec (James’ behind-the-scenes video coming soon)

I owe so many of my greatest moments to Jean Paul Gaultier and now I’m so proud to be part of a moment for him.

Call Of The Wild from Coco Rocha on Vimeo.

Filmed and edited by James Conran

I’m seeing a theme here: Yesterday I posted a photo of the long lost “Bronx Zoo Cobra” and myself on set, though I notice many of my non-NY-followers didn’t get the joke. Today I’m posting a never-before-seen video of Siri Tollerod and I posing with an elephant and camel at Montreal Zoo this winter. It was an amazing experience but what this video cannot describe is the INTENSE fumes we battled in the elephant den all day. Also, literally every 20 minutes the elephant would release a deluge-like flood as it went to the bathroom, sending everyone scrambling to find higher ground.

Definitely an interesting shoot for Ogilvys.

Countdown to Haiti
by Coco Rocha

As I write this blog I’m in a hotel in Montreal, the home of Canada’s largest Haitian population. At 4:53pm today there will be drum roll’s heard across the city, and across the world - this is Haiti’s traditional form observance for exactly one year that has passed since the terrible earthquake that devastated their homeland.

In just 10 days I’ll be heading down to Haiti with a few others to see just what has been accomplished in the 365 days that have passed, and how much more still needs to be done. I still need your help though, we only have about two more days for you to send in letters to our office in New York in time for me to take them to Haiti. Remember that these letters are going to children and orphans who have nothing and often have no one either.

Letters To Haiti
C/O Wilhelmina
300 Park Avenue South,
New York, NY 10010-5398

If you feel you don’t have time to send in an actual letter, we have set up a special email address you can write to also. We will then print the letters and hand them to the children in person. Please remember to include your name, age and address in all the emails and send them to:


Please pass this message onto as many as you can. Whether that be through facebook, twitter, tumblr or just word of mouth. As we consider the earthquake that hit exactly one year ago, let us acknowledge the tragedy of the past while keeping our eyes and hearts open to the prospects of hope for the future.


P.S Are there specific things you want me to find out or do while in Haiti? Please let me know in your comments.