My DVF ‘Journey Of A Dress’ - London, New York & Toronto

In an homage to the 40th anniversary of DVF’s iconic wrap dress, I took a suitcase full of them on a trip between London, New York and Toronto. If you’ve been following my Instagram you’ll probably notice it’s been a whirlwind of a week, so thanks for following my #JourneyOfADress!

To find out more about why this little dress is such an important part of fashion history, please go to DVF.COM


LFW via INSTAGRAM - February 14th to 16th 

Is it a throwback if it happened last week? I’m in yet another country right now, but I’m already reminiscing on the loveliness that was London Fashion Week. 

  1. It’s good to be back in merry old England with my girl Liz.
  2. Front row at Julien MacDonald with the ladies of London Fashion Week: Eliza Doolittle, Abbey Clancy, Samantha Barks, Nina Nesbitt and Camilla Mackintosh. 
  3. Beautiful and intricate beading at Julien MacDonald
  4. Having a moment backstage at Henry Holland with Kelly Osbourne. Neither of us know why we are wearing coats like this. #FashionPolice 
  5. The Phantom of the Opera strikes at Henry Holland’s show! 
  6. It’s a beautiful day in London! I’m taking my DVF wrap on an 3-country tour this week. Stay tuned for my #JourneyOfADress story.
  7. Beautiful venue and impeccable tailoring at Pringle of Scotland.
  8. Change of clothes for the afternoon shows at #LFW. Jumpsuit by Sass & Bide, heels by Versace.
  9. Loved this jacket at Paul Smith. Also, the soundtrack was all Fleetwood Mac remixes, which made my afternoon!


Last week I was on assignment in Switzerland and England for two jobs. I got to explore the fairytale city of Zurich and go back to one of my favorite places to work - London.

Follow my trip below in these Instagrams and be sure to follow me @cocorocha for realtime daily updates.

  1. Just made it to Zurich where they didn’t get the memo on it being June. It’s freezing here! 
  2. Having a lazy moment on set in SwitzerlandLike my bracelet? Everyone who subscribed to my fancy box got one! Subscribe here:
  3. Another picture while roaming Zurich yesterday. This is what photographers call “the golden hour” of lighting.
  4. My last sunset over Zurich. 
  5. Can you guess where in the world I am? Here’s a clue - I’m about 600 miles from Switzerland.
  6. View of the Tower Bridge from inside the Tower Of London, the site of many a grisly ending.
  7. Just across the Thames is The Shard, the tallest building in Europe.
  8. ET phone home.
  9. The dining hall at Hampton Court refurbished by Henry VIII for his new love Anne Boleyn. That didn’t last long! (at Hampton Court Palace)

PARIS FASHION WEEK - via my Instagram
March 2nd, 2012 

  1. London to Paris in 2 hours!
  2. Good morning Paris! Looking forward to seeing old friends today and meeting a few new ones.
  3. The scene at my first show of the day, Anne Valerie Hash.
  4. Look who I bumped into backstage - my old friend Irina Lazareanu!
  5. My look this morning at Anne Valerie Hash.
  6. Passing Notre Dame on my way to Yohji Yamamoto.
  7. The makeup look for Yohji done by my friend Pat McGrath.
  8. My three looks tonight at Yohji. Loved the red extensions!
  9. Amazing view from my hotel window tonight. 

by Coco Rocha

When I’m in London, I usually stay around Hyde Park but this time I’m staying in London’s east end. I have to say, I really like it here! There are so many boutique vintage stores around and I love the street style I’m seeing everywhere. The kids around Hoxton and Shoreditch actually remind me of characters from the TV show, The Mighty Boosh - all future retro’d out. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I suggest you take 2 minutes out of your busy day to watch this classic Mighty Boosh clip. James and I have been inspired to randomly sing this song all week long.

by Coco Rocha

Something you might not know about James and I is that we’re both English citizens. My dad is English, born in Coventry, so I recieved citizenship through him. James on the other hand was actually born and raised in Yorkshire (Northern England) until he was 12 and most of his family still lives there. This past week, we’ve both been back in the old country. James is working on a house here in London and I’ve been working a bit too. I actually shot over by Buckingham palace the other day which was interesting. At one point everyone was sure the Queen was coming out… but sadly no, no sign of her, not even the corgi’s.

The other night we were invited to Brown’s 40th anniversary dinner. Browns is still owned and run by Mrs. Burstein, or Mrs. B as she is known - a classy lady if ever I saw one.  I was really interested to learn what a patron of fashion Browns has been and how, through the years, Mrs B. has championed the talents of John Galliano, Alexander McQueen and others very early in their careers.

At the dinner James was sat next to the beautiful Eva Herzigova who apparently gave him top secret travel advice for our honeymoon (which he still wont tell me!). Meanwhile on the other side, I got to chat with my pal Henry Holland about the good old days… aka, 2006. A funny story about Henry: I remember a time I was flying from London to New York, I came out of the washroom and nearly fell backwards when I saw a man with a neon pink shirt that had my name in giant letters printed on it!! I realized it was Henry right as he realized it was me staring back at him. Then came the awkward moment of whether or not we should acknowledge each other and that we were both riding in coach (oh the horror! The shame!!). Henry broke the ice and asked me why I was back there and I could only respond with “well, whats your reason?!”.  Anyway, I joined him and we sat next to each other, chatting it up the rest of the flight home. He did zip his jacket up after he realized what he was wearing though…

On Saturday both James and I had the day off. Since it was so nice out we decided to take a long leisurely walk over towards the London Eye. Along the way we found the Globe Theatre which is a reconstruction of the exact theatre Shakespeare’s company would perform in 400 years ago right along the River Thames. We bought tickets to Henry VIII but the only ones we could get were standing, which we did… for hours!! Still, its all part of the experience, or so we are told. After that, we continued on to the London Eye but the line up was massive so we opted not to go. 

After a photo opportunity at Big Ben (Tim Walker style camera trickery!), we found a park where this cute little squirrel started to follow us. James stopped and beckoned the squirrel over and to our surprise all of a sudden he ran straight up James’ leg!!  James took it like a man… well maybe… he might have squirmed just a little bit. Of course, I need to document everything so we tried to make the squirrel do it again but he wasn’t having it. Now, he seemed to want to chase after me!! A little side note: squirrels terrify me. A friend of mine was attacked by one once (its true!) and since then I’m always on edge around them. I can shoot with all sorts of animals on set, but a wild squirrel is a bit of a nightmare for me. Anyways back to the subject. I realized the squirrel wanted to see what was in my bag, so I handed the bag off to James. In the end the squirrel jumped back onto James leg and we got our picture of Mr. Squirrel and James chatting it up. After that a pigeon walked over to James and then a duck?!  Now James thinks he’s the animal whisperer and that all animals of the land will flock to him.

by Coco Rocha

Well, I’m sitting in my hotel room in London, overlooking what would be a beautiful view of Hyde Park if it wasn’t so very very early in the morning. I’ve been in England for a few days now, working on something special. As usual I’m sorry to say I can’t tell you what its all about just yet, but you’ll all find out soon! Everything has gone very well over here and now I’m all packed and ready to fly across 9 time zones, back to Canada for a week with friends and family! Anyway, one thing I can talk about is Zac Posen’s new ad’s I’m in. They are actually one time only ad’s specially for next months Fanzine. Have a look.

Catching Up
by Coco Rocha

September, as expected, was a complete blur. After getting back from Costa Rica I had only a few days before the first ever “Fashions Night Out” in NY - then there was New York fashion week - then London followed by a quick trip to see my boyfriend James’ hometown and then a trip back across the Atlantic for Paris fashion week! Still, I had a good time and it was great to catch up with everyone.

t’s now October and I’m back here in New York enjoying the fall weather, the crisp air and sunshine remind me of Vancouver. The other day I was lucky enough to be sent a custom long board from the good people at Losee Longboards. I was a bit nervous to take it down busy city streets but I did like the idea of being a little more independently mobile here in the city so I was inspired to get a scooter! Its kind of like the one I had as a kid except this one has bigger wheels and goes super fast! I even convinced James to get one too and we ride them everywhere now… the other day we rode them all the way to the southern tip of Manhattan!

Yes, we do realize we probably look like over-sized children but we’re having fun anyway. Say hello if you see me float by!