LIFE via INSTAGRAM - July 19th - August 8th

For this week’s #flashbackfriday let’s look back to when I visited Cabo, tried on some wigs, and made Christian Siriano hang out with me again!

  1. Back on the west-coast today for some fun in the sun. 🌞
  2. Spending a much needed day at the pool!
  3. One last day roughing it out here in Cabo.
  4. Fun on set with this Mötley Crüe for this months CITIZEN K mag. Stay tuned for the next editorial!
  5. My mom and I, both rocking the killer sunglasses I gave out in this months COCO X FANCY box. Are you subscribed? Every month I hand pick over $80 worth of merch for just $39 a month! Sign up at -
  6. The ‘anti-gravity’ - it’s an advanced model pose. Let me see you try it with the tag #antigravitypose 
  7. #ididnotwakeuplikethis #inevertakeselfies #thatwasalie #soismyhair #extensions #hashtag #hashtagmageddon
  8. #throwbackthursday me and the hubby James paparazzi-d on our stroll circa 2012.
  9. On set with my friend Christian Siriano for an exciting project coming out next month! (hair and makeup by Veronica Chu). 💃🎥🌸

MOSCOW via INSTAGRAM - July 13th - 18th

Happy #ThrowbackThursday everyone! If you’ve been keeping up with my recent posts you’ll know that I’m in Turkey right now, but I traveled to Moscow not too long ago as well. I’m definitely racking up my frequent flyer miles this summer… xx

  1. Goodbye New York, next stop Moscow! ✈️
  2. Roaming Moscow’s Red Square on this beautiful afternoon.
  3. Mama’s got a brand new hat!
  4. Day two exploring Moscow and we’re finding all kinds of interesting back alleys.
  5. The 8th tallest statue in the world - Peter The Great.
  6. Shooting in an old Russian factory and enjoying the morning light filtering in.
  7. Doing some press with Mango in anticipation of the night’s big event in Moscow!! My dress is by Mango and the jewelry is my own collection with BaubleBar.
  8. Thanks so much to Mango for bringing me to Russia. I had so much fun opening and closing the show, meeting new friends and exploring Moscow! xx
  9. I’ll never take for granted the privilege I have to work with people who are quite literally THE best in the world at what they do. If you love fashion and you’re not following these two legends, you should be! (Instagram: @patmcgrathreal & @carlynecerfdedudzeele)

LIFE via INSTAGRAM (Part One) - June 2nd to 12th

Hello there! It’s been a while since I’ve done an Instagram round-up. This has been a busy summer and it isn’t over yet… Let’s reminisce to the time I snacked with Christian Siriano before the CFDA awards, tried a tribal look for Harpers Bazaar, and did a bit of traveling. I also celebrated my wedding anniversary! xx 

  1. Having a quick PB&J sandwich with Christian Siriano before tonight’s CFDA Awards.
  2. And Christian and I are officially ready! Always a fun night in NYC.
  4. Behind-the-scenes on set for my Harpers Bazaar cover shoot, wearing an epic headdress by Louis Vuitton.
  5. New York ✈️ Toronto! Same makeup artist as last night, different country! Miss Veronica Chu getting me ready for the Mulberry event for SickKids Hospital in Toronto. Jacket by Mulberry, ear cuff is from my #OhSoCocoBb collection with BaubleBar.
  6. My behind-the-scenes selfie on set with Harpers Bazaar Mexico.
  7. Four years ago today I married my best friend. James, I’m not sure what I would ever do without you, thank you for making my life meaningful -
  8. Celebrating the fantastic #OmegaDarkSideOfTheMoon watch with the Whitney Museum and Omega Watches tonight.
  9. #ThrowbackThursday to my first and only awkward teen bride shoot in Vancouver. We all start somewhere!

CANNES via INSTAGRAM (Part Two) - May 22nd to 23rd

Oh Cannes, how I miss thee. 

  1. I paired my #OhSoCocoBB pearl ear cuff with a Roberto Cavalli tuxedo. If you like the look, the cuff is available for $28 here:
  2. My look for the amfAR gala at Cannes Film Festival was created by my friend Olga Sorokina of IRFE. Jewelry is my own #ohsococobb collection.
  3. Making a turn on the red carpet at the amfAR Gala.
  4. Olga and I with the golden wooly mammoth skeleton by #DamienHirst that just raised 11 million euros for #amfAR tonight. What a wonderful evening.
  5. Au revoir Cannes! It’s been quite the week. Till next time….

CANNES via INSTAGRAM (Part One) - May 18th to 21st

Hello! It’s Throwback Thursday, aka a perfect time to reminisce on my trip to Cannes. I was in the presence of pretty ladies, pretty dresses, and a pretty view or two. xx

  1. So long New York! Next stop Cannes.
  2. Had a warm welcome to rainy Cannes from my girl Selita Ebanks.
  3. Selita tryna to take a selfie with two massive eagles, randomly in the hotel lobby. Only in Cannes.
  4. Wearing Gabriela Cadena and heading to the Chopard party for my first night out!
  5. Just casually lounging with Selita and Eli outside the Chopard plane.
  6. I ended up on Paul Allen’s gigantic superyacht ‘Octopus’ with Christina Hendricks who’s seriously one of my favorite people. The yacht was like a floating city and has it’s own submarine, two helicopters and a crew of 60!
  7. Night number two in Cannes. Dress by Pucci paired with my own #ohsococoBB jewelry for Bauble bar.
  8. The magic hour in Cannes, just before day turns to night and the adventure begins all over again. #cannesfilmfestival
  9. Found my friend Heidi Klum and I guess she got the memo to wear white! Thanks to Roberto Cavalli for my fabulous tux tonight.

LIFE via INSTAGRAM - May 7th to 14th

I started off the month with a little bit of partying - I attended the DKMS Gala, Huppe Studio party, and the opening night of the ABT ballet. Fingers crossed that the fun continues through summer! xx

  1. Amazing women at an amazing evening with #DKMS.
  2. Reblog from James xx
  3. Me with the insanely talented (and hilarious) Jessie J at the DKMS Gala.
  4. #FlashbackFriday - that time Derek Blasberg and I took our mamas out dancing.
  5. Last night at the Huppe Studio party wearing a Moschino suit paired with my own #OhSoCocoBB earrings available now at BaubleBar -
  6. Wearing Lanvin and my #OhSoCocoBB jewelry for the opening night of the ABT Ballet. So excited to see the show!!
  7. I had the extreme honor of finally meeting my icon, the original supermodel Carmen Dell’Orefice, tonight. What a lady!
  8. Who else loved this months Coco X Fancy Box? The squirrel pillow and CMYK Mona Lisa coasters are my fav. If you feel like you’re missing out, you are! Subscribe here for cool stuff I’m picking out every month -
  9. Here comes the night.

LIFE via INSTAGRAM (Part Two) - April 24th to 28th

In this installment of Life via Instagram I travel, do a little press and am presented with the Style Icon award at the Vienna Awards. But more importantly, it finally feels (and looks) like spring! 

  1. Woke up in Vienna! Doing a little press prior to the Vienna Awards - talking about my BaubleBar #ohsococobb line!
  2. A little pre-award show cake.
  3. My look for the night is a Christian Siriano gown paired with my own BaubleBar #OhSoCocoBB ear cuff!
  4. Thank you to the beautiful Valerie Campbell for presenting me with the Style Icon award at the Vienna Awards!
  5. #FlashbackFriday - shooting with my favorite lady, Ellen Von Unwerth, in Berlin.
  6. Back home in New York just in time to see my magnolia tree blossom! Sprinngg!!
  7. I’ve returned to Toronto and I’m starting my day with a fabulous luncheon hosted by Suzanne Rogers for my dear Zac Posen.
  8. Of course Zac and I quickly found Suzanne’s puppy!
  9. It’s time for spring pastels! With Anna and Suzanne. Fashion courtesy of Zac Posen.

LIFE via INSTAGRAM (Part One) - April 10th to 22nd

I’m in the mood for some Throwback Thursday-ing. Here’s a look at what I was getting into before the launch of my new Bauble Bar collection. You could say that I was a little bit excited…

  1. #ThrowbackThursday - My dad in the late ’70s and me in the late ’00s.
  2. Impatiently waiting for my Bauble Bar collection to launch. #ohsococobb
  3. Standing like this for 15 minutes is harder than you think. #modelproblems
  4. Pineapple vs. Pineapple stare down.
  5. Good morning!
  6. New cover alert: Harper’s Bazaar Russia by Ben Cope.
  7. Historians say Cleopatra slept in a gold mask every night to maintain her youthful skin. Supposedly these 24k gold under-eye masks will do the trick. My first time experimenting with this extravagant luxury!
  8. Guess who took over the @BaubleBar Instagram!? Follow along for an inside peek at my new collection! #ohsococobb
  9. My girl Kelly Oxford perfectly styling the Chainmaille Bib. Get yours now -

OSCARS via INSTAGRAM - March 1st to 3rd

Saying that I was excited to be involved with the Oscars is an understatement. It was a great night for me, my Zac Posen gowns and my girl Lupita. Who tuned in to watch me talk red carpet fashion on CNN? 

  1. Guess who’s going to the Oscars!?! Now the big question is: Which Zac Posen gown do I wear?! 1, 2 or 3?
  2. Making an unexpected pit stop in Las Vegas on our way to LA. Apparently the winds were so strong we didn’t have enough fuel to make it! #OscarsOrBust
  3. So this was my life for 24 hours. I completed my CNN crash course!
  4. This is really interesting - every dress worn by the Best Actress Academy Award winner since 1929.
  5. Piers Morgan and I are ready for prom!
  6. My epic view of the Oscar red carpet from the CNN booth! Thank you to Zac Posen for my wonderful gown and Love Gold for the gorgeous Azva Jewelry!
  7. Up close and personal with my beautiful Love Gold Azva Jewlery - making me feel very old Hollywood.
  8. This is how Zac Posen and I watch the Oscars. We love you Lupita!!
  9. Change of clothes before I go back on CNN to talk about my Oscar favorites. Another Zac Posen gown with Love Gold Azva Jewelry.

LFW via INSTAGRAM - February 14th to 16th 

Is it a throwback if it happened last week? I’m in yet another country right now, but I’m already reminiscing on the loveliness that was London Fashion Week. 

  1. It’s good to be back in merry old England with my girl Liz.
  2. Front row at Julien MacDonald with the ladies of London Fashion Week: Eliza Doolittle, Abbey Clancy, Samantha Barks, Nina Nesbitt and Camilla Mackintosh. 
  3. Beautiful and intricate beading at Julien MacDonald
  4. Having a moment backstage at Henry Holland with Kelly Osbourne. Neither of us know why we are wearing coats like this. #FashionPolice 
  5. The Phantom of the Opera strikes at Henry Holland’s show! 
  6. It’s a beautiful day in London! I’m taking my DVF wrap on an 3-country tour this week. Stay tuned for my #JourneyOfADress story.
  7. Beautiful venue and impeccable tailoring at Pringle of Scotland.
  8. Change of clothes for the afternoon shows at #LFW. Jumpsuit by Sass & Bide, heels by Versace.
  9. Loved this jacket at Paul Smith. Also, the soundtrack was all Fleetwood Mac remixes, which made my afternoon!

NYFW via INSTAGRAM (Part Four) - February 11th to 14th

We’ve finally reached the last few moments of NYFW. Diesel Black & Gold, Rodarte, Jeremy Scott and Sass & Bide were all awesome shows to watch. Stay tuned for the upcoming London Fashion Week Life via Instagram series!

  1. Backstage at Diesel Black & Gold with Renzo Rosso and Dree Hemmingway. #dbgshow #nyfw
  2. Spacelady chic at the Diesel Black & Gold show. #dbgshow
  3. I think I just became first assistant to hair legend Odile Gilbert! Holding all her John Frieda products as she explains her hair look at Rodarte.
  4. Some need coffee to wake up; this is how I do it. Last day of #NYFW for meeee!
  5. Soo Joo strikes again in a hypnotic number at #JeremyScott. #MadeFW
  6. Sitting with my friend Alexandra Richards at Sass & Bide, my all-time favorite Australian designers. Last show of #NYFW for me.
  7. #ThrowbackThursday to my very first test shoot as a 14-year-old. Blond streaks and over-plucked eyebrows were all the rage in Vancouver 2003/04!
  8. I’m happy to announce that I’m now represented by MONSTER in Milan! Xx Coco
  9. This is an interesting Fashion Week article from InStyle UK featuring my opinion of model size diversity, and also revealing a recent change that has been made at a top agency.

NYFW via INSTAGRAM (Part Three) February 9th - 10th

Here’s part three of my NYFW via Instagram series. You should also take a look at how a Zac Posen fitting really goes down here.

  1. Annnnd we are live! I co-hosted the DVF ‪#‎AmExUnstaged‬ show.
  2. Check out this EPIC room in the brand new Spring Studios, Manhattan! 
  3. I had a blast hosting the DVF #AmExUnstaged show with Cat Deeley. Seriously made a new best friend. 
  4. Hanging out with #kidrobot waiting for the Noon By Noor show at the #SamsungFrontRow lounge in Lincoln Center. 
  5. At Noon By Noor with pretty ladies Solange Knowles and Leigh Lezark. 
  6. Here’s a sneak peak at a project I’m working on with Bauble Bar. It’s coming… very soon. 😉 #ohsococo
  7. Backstage with my friend Zac Posen. Always a thrill to be in his gowns. 
  8. Zac’s fantastic sunglasses! 
  9. My final look at Zac Posen, an epic black gown. 

NYFW via INSTAGRAM (Part Two) - February 7th - 9th

Hi all! Despite currently being across the pond in London, I feel like reminiscing to some of my favorite moments from NYFW. Lucky for me, mother Pat McGrath let me play in makeup yet again, and I ran into some of my favorite models at the Lincoln Center. Check out these pics! xx

  1. I spy my girl Soo Joo opening the Rebecca Minkoff show. #NYFW #RMFALL
  2. My face when I realize I’m sitting next to Agyness Deyn! Haven’t seen this little lady in 3 years! #modelreunion
  3. With the most beautiful übermodel (inside and out) Petra Nemcova and the amazingly talented Lubov Azria backstage at #HerveLeger
  4. My look for day 3 of #NYFW is a Herve Leger dress with a Fausto Puglisi leather jacket and a Zara hat. Mixing it up!
  5. Good morning New York. Here I am backstage bright and early at Victoria Beckham reporting live for Pat McGrath and #MaxFactor. 
  6. Getting my makeup fixed by the one and only Pat McGrath backstage at Victoria Beckham. #MaxFactor #VBAW14
  7. A classic face with timeless beauty backstage at Victoria Beckham.
  8. Trying my hand at Max Factor makeup on a willing model at the Victoria Beckham show. She’s a fresh face, doing really well this season. Follow her at @PatMcGrathReal - I think she’s going to be a star. #vbaw14
  9. My first look for today is a top from the Macy’s & Made FW #MADE4Impulse line paired with rad fluorescent print pants from Nasty Gal and Paul & Joe heels. #nyfw

NYFW via INSTAGRAM (Part One) - February 5th to 7th

And so it is fashion month. Here is the first installment of this season’s Life via Instagram - #NYFW edition. At the beginning of this whirlwind week I got to see some pretty ladies, wear some cool clothes and celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Model Alliance. 

  1. The #SuperBowl may be over, but the sex trafficking of young women around big events continues to be a shocking problem right here at home. Go to to find out more. #notsosuper
  2. So excited to see my original model BFF Behati Prinsloo at #amfAR tonight!!!
  3. Hanging with the most glamorous girls of #amfAR: Ireland Baldwin and Gigi Hadid.
  4. The #selfeye is the new #selfie! Here’s mine wearing Max Factor UK’s Excess Volume Mascara! Now I wanna see you post yours! Don’t forget the #SelfEye hashtag.
  5. Much love to The Model Alliance on our 2nd anniversary today! So proud of our efforts - this New York Fashion Week will be the first with real legal protection for child models! Hope you all have a great week! Xx Coco
  6. NYC traffic is horrendous today, but I made it in time for my first show of NYFW - BCBG by Max Azria. Max was one of the earliest supporters of my career! #bcbglive
  7. My second look of the day is the Macy’s #MADE4Impulse line by my friends at Made Fashion Week! It’s the perfect little black dress. Get the look at
  8. My outfit today - #MADE4Impulse skirt by Macy’s & Made FW paired with a Rebecca Minkoff top and bag. Snow courtesy of my backyard! #NYFW
  9. The other day I gave a private tour of the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum to a small group. Make sure you go to Brooklyn to see this amazing exhibit before it ends on February 23rd!

LIFE via INSTAGRAM - January 23rd to February 1st

The Super Bowl is over, so it’s time to get back to thinking about fashion! This week I got to hang out with my friend Zanna Rassi for a very athletic project, and also spent some time back home in Canada. I’m honored to have been dubbed Model of the Year at the CAFA awards, and now it’s time to prepare for NYFW.

  1. Thinking of my daddy who is home in Toronto recovering from a badly broken leg. :( #throwbackthursday #tbt
  2. #FBF That time in 2008 artist Richard Phillips painted me and put my face on a polo shirt for V Magazine. #isthisreallife?
  3. In the studio. #whereswaldo
  4. #Regram. Love this shot by Mr. Conran.
  5. That awkward moment when you and your stylist realize you have the exact same iPhone case.
  6. Four people in a Prada bag (Zanna’s having twins!!).
  7. My look of the day as I do press for the CAFA awards in Toronto. Wearing head to toe Canadian! Dress by Greta Constantine, necklace by Rita Tesolin.
  8. Run through at the CAFA awards. Not only am I presenting, but I’m also a nominee! #CAFA
  9. My look for tonight’s CAFA awards is my fellow Canadian nominee DSquared2. #CAFA