LIFE via INSTAGRAM - December 20th - 29th, 2012

In this installation of Life Via Instagram, I escaped the freezing cold (Elmo-roaming) streets of New York and found myself in Las Vegas where I saw a Prince tribute band that was actually pretty good! 
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  1. Nicopanda and I waiting impatiently for the train into New York on this chilly morning.
  2. "I think we’re being followed!” Only in New York
  3. The Face elevator. Dare you enter?
  4. I escaped the NY snow storm just in time! On a road trip with James, driving through the Mojave Desert and loving the view.
  5. Guess where I am now? Here’s a clue, it’s not New York!
  6. Urban Pyramid, Las Vegas.
  7. Sunset in Vegas.
  8. Dearly beloved, it’s not Princ,e it’s “Purple Reign.” Having seen the real thing before, I gotta say they were really good! 
  9. Only in Vegas does this group photo make sense.