HURRICANE SANDY via INSTAGRAM - October 29th - 30th, 2012.
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  1. This is going on at my house during Hurricane Sandy. It’s getting serious! 
  2. Surveying the damage in my neighborhood. So many huge trees have fallen down. This one is crushing a house and a car. 
  3. I just noticed that Sandy brought down a very large tree that formerly blocked our view of the Hudson River. 
  4. Another early night to bed without power. 

UPDATE: It’s been 12 days and we’re still without power at home. There was a lot of damage to our neighborhood, but everyone was safe. In the last few weeks I’ve seen the pictures of the extensive devastation to other areas and my heart truly goes out to the families affected by this horrific storm. Stay tuned for ways I’m getting involved to help others and ways you can too! xx Coco 

UPDATE 2: Please see ee the charity auction I’m involved with at - I’m auctioning off a rather “unique” experience. Click HERE.