Me Magazine - Hong Kong

Would you ever guess that this cover and editorial were shot inside a store? While attending a Longchamp store opening in Hong Kong a few months ago, the creative team behind Me Magazine cleared a bit of space and set up this impromptu photo shoot. Add a little lighting, a backdrop, and me… voila! 


PART 2: HONG KONG IN 48 HOURS - October 17th, 2012

Part 2 of my whirlwind 48-hour trip to Hong Kong with Longchamp's Cassegrain family as we opened their biggest and newest store in Asia. To see Part 1 go HERE.

  1. Opening tonight! The new Longchamp store at 30 Canton Road, Hong Kong.
  2. Posing with the 2nd and 3rd generations of the lovely Cassegrain family, the force behind the global Longchamp brand. So interesting to hear more about the family business.
  3. With beautiful Chinese actress Gao Yuan Yuan at the Longchamp store opening in Hong Kong.
  4. Miss Carina Lau, a major fashion icon in Hong Kong, looking at the new collection at Longchamp.
  5. Facing the crowd and ready to cut the ribbon at Longchamp.
  6. Cutting the ribbon with the Cassegrain family, Carina Lau and Gao Yuan Yuan.
  7. Carina Lau, Gao Yuan Yuan and I at the opening event for Longchamp.
  8. At the Longchamp after party.
  9. Leaving Hong Kong after a whirlwind 48 hours. I had such a great time here.

PART 1: HONG KONG IN 48 HOURS - October 16th, 2012

This week I joined Longchamp’s Cassegrain family in Hong Kong for a whirlwind 48-hour tour of the city and to help open their new store on Canton Road. The store, now the biggest in the world, marks 30+ years of Longchamp in Asia.

  1. Driving into Hong Kong felt like entering Tron City!
  2. Hong Kong at night is spectacular - so much color and so many lights, it puts the New York skyline to shame!
  3. Sooo… I just got into my hotel room using my Longchamp key card only to find what playing on TV? The campaign Emily Didonato and I did for Longchamp! I’m sensing a theme here…
  4. Look at all these presents! I’m a very lucky girl!
  5. Just got the newspaper. As you can tell we are ALL about Longchamp today!
  6. Had a sneak peak at the new Canton Rd flagship and did a little photoshoot on-site. Tonight is the official opening!
  7. Amazing old ferry boats in Hong Kong harbor.
  8. You wouldn’t know it, but we are only about 10 minutes from the city of Hong Kong here.
  9. Chinese signs.