CANNES via INSTAGRAM (Part One) - May 18th to 21st

Hello! It’s Throwback Thursday, aka a perfect time to reminisce on my trip to Cannes. I was in the presence of pretty ladies, pretty dresses, and a pretty view or two. xx

  1. So long New York! Next stop Cannes.
  2. Had a warm welcome to rainy Cannes from my girl Selita Ebanks.
  3. Selita tryna to take a selfie with two massive eagles, randomly in the hotel lobby. Only in Cannes.
  4. Wearing Gabriela Cadena and heading to the Chopard party for my first night out!
  5. Just casually lounging with Selita and Eli outside the Chopard plane.
  6. I ended up on Paul Allen’s gigantic superyacht ‘Octopus’ with Christina Hendricks who’s seriously one of my favorite people. The yacht was like a floating city and has it’s own submarine, two helicopters and a crew of 60!
  7. Night number two in Cannes. Dress by Pucci paired with my own #ohsococoBB jewelry for Bauble bar.
  8. The magic hour in Cannes, just before day turns to night and the adventure begins all over again. #cannesfilmfestival
  9. Found my friend Heidi Klum and I guess she got the memo to wear white! Thanks to Roberto Cavalli for my fabulous tux tonight.

COCO’S INSTAGRAMS - March 18th to April 9th, 2012.

  1. “Don’t cry for me Argentinaaaa!” About to watch EVITA with my buddy Andrew Bevan (Teen Vogue). Ricky Martin is in it - so excited!!
  2. How cute is this group of Irish dancers doing their best Coco Rocha?! Makes me miss the good old days!
  3. Behind-the-scenes shot for The Room:
  4. With my girl Heidi Klum on the set of last week’s Germany’s Next Top Model.
  5. I’m at an antique store in upstate New York. Sir, do Karlie Kloss & Hillary Rhoda come with the frames?
  6. Leaving Canada via Porter Airlines on a little island facing downtown Toronto.
  7. Behind-the-scenes of yesterday’s Canada’s Best Beauty Talent wearing an amazing Zac Posen skirt. Loved this look!
  8. You know what’s cooler than a million dollars? Facebook buying Instagram for a billion! Congrats to Instagram’s dozen or so employees!
  9. Loving this Zac Posen Barbie doll. Wait, is that me!?!

by Coco Rocha

Hello from gorgeous Costa Rica!!! If you’re in north America and you watched TV on Wednesday night you might have figured out the mystery of my Times Square billboard - The billboard was actually part of last weeks Project Runway challenge which was won by Gretchen Jones. As part of her prize I was asked to model her navy jumpsuit to appear on the Marie Claire campaign. So the big secret is now out, which is good, it was getting pretty awkward keeping it -  even my Auntie was trying to get the info out of me!!! For more information on the episode click HERE and for a cute little article about the Project Runway preview party I went to last week go HERE.


Some of the highlites of the party tonight:

  1. James confused poor Heidi Klum by trying to joke that he’s my guy on the side - not my husband. Joke Fail.
  2. Damaris Lewis yelled at a waiter carrying a hamburger like a construction worker would yell at a hot girl. She was a hungry Girl.
  3. James tells Heidi Klum her pants are MC hammer throwbacks and proceeds to do his best (worst) MC Hammer dance. Who is this guy!?