I just stumbled across this amazing old film predicting fashion “in the year A.D 2000”. To think this was probably made 70 years ago, I don’t think they were too far off mark, do you?  I love the man fitted with “a telephone and a radio” - pretty much an iphone! What do you think fashion will be like in another 70 years? Anyone have any thoughts on 2080?


I thought this new collection by Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen was really interesting. She created all the designs digitally and then used a 3-D printing service called i.materialise to machine create each plastic piece of the clothing for construction. The result is armor like clothing with a futuristic spin. I love the idea of this and see so much potential in the technology. I could have done without the random speakers on the girls heads but overall I think Van Herpen is definitely someone to watch…

- Coco Rocha