"Coco Pops!" - Harpers Bazaar Australia, April 2014

Shot by Todd Barry, here’s my full editorial and interview featuring dresses from Dolce & Gabana, Lanvin, Jil Sander, Miu Miu, Dries Van Norten and more. Watch the accompanying fashion film HERE if you haven’t already.


DRESSED TO KILL - December 2013

You’ve probably heard me talk about my friend Veronica Chu before - she’s my right-hand lady and has been my go-to makeup artist for the last few years (in fact, she did all my makeup on The Face). She and her boyfriend, Moo King, are quite the creative duo and this was actually the first time I got to work with them as a couple. We hope you enjoy the editorial at least half as much as we enjoyed making it! Stay tuned for the behind-the-scenes video.


"To Catch A Thief" - By Stylist Magazine.

Fashion magazines nearly always have some video component that goes along with their editorials and cover shoots these days, but Stylist Magazine went above and beyond. I loved making this and the old Hollywood film noir feel of it all. Check it out here or on Youtube.

Stylist Magazine - September 2013 - Part 1

"To Catch A Thief" is my first editorial and cover following my haircut! Joshua Jordan shot it on location in an old bank in Brooklyn, New York, with styling by the lovely Alexandra Fullerton and photography direction by Tom Gormer. Makeup by Sandrine van Slee and hair by Keith Carpenter.

If you like the whole film noir genre, you should also watch the short film we made HERE