MOSCOW via INSTAGRAM - July 13th - 18th

Happy #ThrowbackThursday everyone! If you’ve been keeping up with my recent posts you’ll know that I’m in Turkey right now, but I traveled to Moscow not too long ago as well. I’m definitely racking up my frequent flyer miles this summer… xx

  1. Goodbye New York, next stop Moscow! ✈️
  2. Roaming Moscow’s Red Square on this beautiful afternoon.
  3. Mama’s got a brand new hat!
  4. Day two exploring Moscow and we’re finding all kinds of interesting back alleys.
  5. The 8th tallest statue in the world - Peter The Great.
  6. Shooting in an old Russian factory and enjoying the morning light filtering in.
  7. Doing some press with Mango in anticipation of the night’s big event in Moscow!! My dress is by Mango and the jewelry is my own collection with BaubleBar.
  8. Thanks so much to Mango for bringing me to Russia. I had so much fun opening and closing the show, meeting new friends and exploring Moscow! xx
  9. I’ll never take for granted the privilege I have to work with people who are quite literally THE best in the world at what they do. If you love fashion and you’re not following these two legends, you should be! (Instagram: @patmcgrathreal & @carlynecerfdedudzeele)