Stylist Magazine - September 2013 - Part 1

"To Catch A Thief" is my first editorial and cover following my haircut! Joshua Jordan shot it on location in an old bank in Brooklyn, New York, with styling by the lovely Alexandra Fullerton and photography direction by Tom Gormer. Makeup by Sandrine van Slee and hair by Keith Carpenter.

If you like the whole film noir genre, you should also watch the short film we made HERE 

"Indie Coco"
Elle Italia - January 2010
Photo: Michael Sanders
Styling: Alberto Zanoletti

Here’s the last of the three editorials for Elle Italia which they called “Indie Coco”. As far as I know, for once I’m the FIRST blog to feature them!! Amazing. Elle actually asked me where in New York I’d like to shoot this set of pictures and I suggested Williamsburg (in Brooklyn) because James and I have been thinking of moving there and its one of our favorite neighborhoods to hang out in. Early in the morning an RV picked me up at home and off we went to Brooklyn, stopping at a few of the local hang outs to snap some pictures. The photographers wife and little daughter stopped by for a bit too and she sat in on one of our pictures. Cutest thing in the world…