NYFW via INSTAGRAM (Part One) - February 5th to 7th

And so it is fashion month. Here is the first installment of this season’s Life via Instagram - #NYFW edition. At the beginning of this whirlwind week I got to see some pretty ladies, wear some cool clothes and celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Model Alliance. 

  1. The #SuperBowl may be over, but the sex trafficking of young women around big events continues to be a shocking problem right here at home. Go to www.notsosuper.org to find out more. #notsosuper
  2. So excited to see my original model BFF Behati Prinsloo at #amfAR tonight!!!
  3. Hanging with the most glamorous girls of #amfAR: Ireland Baldwin and Gigi Hadid.
  4. The #selfeye is the new #selfie! Here’s mine wearing Max Factor UK’s Excess Volume Mascara! Now I wanna see you post yours! Don’t forget the #SelfEye hashtag.
  5. Much love to The Model Alliance on our 2nd anniversary today! So proud of our efforts - this New York Fashion Week will be the first with real legal protection for child models! Hope you all have a great week! Xx Coco
  6. NYC traffic is horrendous today, but I made it in time for my first show of NYFW - BCBG by Max Azria. Max was one of the earliest supporters of my career! #bcbglive
  7. My second look of the day is the Macy’s #MADE4Impulse line by my friends at Made Fashion Week! It’s the perfect little black dress. Get the look at www.macys.com.
  8. My outfit today - #MADE4Impulse skirt by Macy’s & Made FW paired with a Rebecca Minkoff top and bag. Snow courtesy of my backyard! #NYFW
  9. The other day I gave a private tour of the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum to a small group. Make sure you go to Brooklyn to see this amazing exhibit before it ends on February 23rd!


And another installment of Life via Instagram during Paris Fashion Week! This time I check out the very first Ungaro collection by my friend Fausto Puglisi and discover that leopard print and polka dots will indeed be a ‘thing’ next season. I also go to the highly anticipated Saint Laurent Paris show, which is perfectly ’90s grunge-inspired. I personally think my friend Behati Prinsloo should be the new face of it!

  1. Supporting my amazingly talented friend Fausto Puglisi, who shows his first ever collection for Ungaro today in Paris!

  2. Print, shapes, shoulders, color! All the iconic charm of Emanuel Ungaro under the guiding hand of Fausto Puglisi. UNGARO IS BACK!

  3. Polka dots + leopard print + color. New trend alert! From Ungaro’s F/W 13 collection by Fausto Puglisi.

  4. Saint Laurent Paris at the Grand Palais - one of my all time favorite venues for Paris Fashion Week.

  5. Flannel, grunge and baby doll dresses galore at Saint Laurent Paris. Kurt and Courtney would have loved this one. 

  6. My last look in Paris courtesy of Fausto Puglisi. It was so nice to sit and watch some shows after 18 seasons of walking in them!

THE FACE PREMIERE PARTY - February 5th, 2013

I was so happy to have my sweet friend Behati Prinsloo with me as I attended the premiere of The Face last night. To see who else was there go to my Facebook album HERE.

Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti
Jewelry: Plukka
Gown: Pucci

Gracia Urbana (Urban Grace) - Vogue Mexico
December, 2012 

My second editorial for next months Vogue Mexico took place in the center of the universe - aka - Times Square New York. Having shot everywhere from outside in the middle of a blizzard to a room literally on fire I can honestly say, here is probably no crazier place on earth for a model to shoot than Times Square in the middle of the day. All the tourists swarm and think you’re Mickey Mouse, stopping to point or take your picture. I remember at one point all the girls and guys working at Sephora came out of the store and were my own personal cheer leaders, it was amazing. Dewey Nicks the photographer would sometimes use a very long camera lens so often I was posing like a mad-woman with no apparent photographer around, leaving everyone to wonder what on earth this crazy baroque-looking ballerina was doing flailing her arms and legs in every direction. As a side note, many years ago I worked with Dewey on a shoot in the pacific north west with my friend Behati Prinsloo (remember this cute picture?). We spent half our time running around the forest, hiding from production, and just generally acting like 12 year olds so I’m sure it took him at least this long to take me seriously again! haha.

All clothing by Dolce & Gabbana, styling by Sarah Gore Reeves.


NEW YORK via INSTAGRAM - July 2012
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  1. This is what just greeted me as I stepped off the train. So good to be home in Manhattan Westchester county!
  2. Spent the entire day shooting under and on the two prettiest bridges in New York.
  3. The Brooklyn Bridge. Photo taken and edited using only iPhone apps!
  4. Mr. Nigel Barker speaking before the premiere of his documentary “Dreams Are Not Forgotten.”
  5. Balmain at Milk Studios.
  6. Hot town - Summer in the city. 
  7. I found what appears to be Michelangelo’s David wearing a Missoni onesy on 14th street in Manhattan!?
  8. Look who is working winter gear in the 100-degree NY summer? My Behati Prinsloo!
  9. So happy to be reunited with my long lost Behati! See? Stalking works! #Cohati
Watching ‘Letters To Haiti’ - By Joshua WongIf you go to my newly-verified Google+ account today you’ll find an exclusive collection of pictures from my 'Letters To Haiti' event last week. An incredible crowd attended the event and we received huge support from the fashion community. Look out for some of your (and my) favorite models like Behati Prinsloo, Karlie Kloss, Hilary Rhoda, Julia Dunstall, Isabeli Fontana and Julia Stagner in the crowd -  not to mention amazing designers like Jeremy Scott, Zac Posen and Rebecca Minkoff! GO HERE FOR ALL THE PICTURES - GOOGLE+Oh and if you haven’t seen the full film yet, check it out on my YouTube channel!

Watching ‘Letters To Haiti’ - By Joshua Wong

If you go to my newly-verified Google+ account today you’ll find an exclusive collection of pictures from my 'Letters To Haiti' event last week. An incredible crowd attended the event and we received huge support from the fashion community. Look out for some of your (and my) favorite models like Behati Prinsloo, Karlie Kloss, Hilary Rhoda, Julia Dunstall, Isabeli Fontana and Julia Stagner in the crowd -  not to mention amazing designers like Jeremy Scott, Zac Posen and Rebecca Minkoff!


Oh and if you haven’t seen the full film yet, check it out on my YouTube channel!

Last night James and I enjoyed the amazing New York premiere of our short film at Milk Studios with an audience of about 500 friends and colleagues. Now, I am happy to be able to present to you all:

a James Conran Film

Featuring Coco Rocha, Behati Prinsloo, Micki Schneider, James Conran & Cedrick Roche.
Directed by James Conran
Filmed by Gibert Le, Ben Fordham & James Conran
Edited by James Conran, Gilbert Le & Zach Jumper
Music by The Conservatory, Justin Millar, KrafTim and Rookie Of The Year.


Coco Rocha on “Letters To Haiti”
December 5th, 2011 / Horacio Silva

Coco Rocha slinks down the catwalk like it’s nobody’s business, but she also knows how to walk it like she talks it. A social entrepreneur in training heels, the Canadian-born Coco is involved with several charities, including LakayPAM, a non-for-profit organization that provides more than 500 orphans in Haiti with shelter, food, medical care and education. (Haitian-born Cedrick Roche and his wife Carolina Bittencourt founded the charity.) Earlier this year, Coco and another model friend Behati Prinsloo visited Haiti to see the devastation first-hand and to deliver the children with letters from the international pen-pal initiative she started for them. A screening of a documentary short of the trip, and an accompanying exhibition for charity, is being held on Wednesday night at Milk Studios. Horacio Silva caught up with the conscionable cutie.

Coco Rocha on "Letters to Haiti"

HS: How did the film, which I know is a real labor of love and was directed by your husband James Conran, come to be?

When the earthquake in Haiti hit, James and I were in an airport and we began to talk about what needed to be done and specifically what we could do. We teamed up with a friend of ours Carolina, whose husband Cedrick is Haitian, and hosted a great event for their charity LakayPAM. We sold a whole bunch of stuff with proceeds going to the kids. Six months later did the same thing, but instead of continuing this way, we thought, ‘We need to kinda see what these kids are all about, who they really are, put a name to the face.’

So we decided to go to Haiti and bring a video crew showing what people are doing, what their money is going towards. Kids love tactile things, and although they know that there are funds coming in, they don’t really understand it all. We figured that what a kid needs above anything is love and so we had this idea to have kids around the world write these letters to these kids, so they would have something tangible and in return they would write back to them.

HS: What was the reaction like?

Amazing. I got emails of people saying, ‘Thank you very much, it made me feel like I could contribute from my neighborhood.’ So it not only helped the young kids there in Haiti, but also helped kids around the world feel better about being able to help.

HS: So what about the actual trip, what was that like? I’m assuming that neither of you had ever been there before.

No, never. We left in the middle of winter in New York and we arrived to sweltering heat. You arrive to an airport that is mostly collapsed. It is still a temporary hangar and all very haphazard. From the minute you arrive you realize that you’re approaching a very chaotic situation. It’s definitely a culture shock.

HS: How safe is it?

Well, we rented cars and drove ourselves through the streets, but we had a bodyguard with us at all times because there are a lot of kidnappings still, especially of visitors and aid workers. Cedrick came with us and gave us curfews and would specify areas that weren’t safe to go into.

HS: What’s the biggest take away from the experience?

You assume these kids would just have a gloomy life and be always in such despair and depressed, but it’s not the case. They were just so excited that we were giving them attention. Show them a little bit of attention and they are your best friend for the rest of the time you’re there…they become your shadow.

HS: It comes across in footage that I saw.

They’re super sweet. But a lot of the adults were kind of over the whole thing. They see us showing up with video cameras, and you know, how many times have they seen video cameras, and nothing’s changed, nothing’s helping. So I could tell that the adults in the area were just like, ‘Get that out of my face.’ But the kids just love cameras.

HS: What else happens in the movie?

Basically, we go there and discover that not much has been the year that has past. Only 6 percent of the rubble has been moved and the place is still in a mess. But these small orphanages are functioning smoothly and have a caring environment. We go to a tent city and see how people are still living there, with seemingly no hope of ever getting out. We see that the country still needs a lot of help. Even though from the perspective of people in America, where people figure that a lot of money has been sent to Haiti,  they think Haiti should be fine. It’s hard to know where the money has gone in general but it hasn’t appeared to benefit the average person there at all.

I’m sure there are any number of people who have fattened their pockets through that money, but the average person has not seen the benefit of that money.

HS: So where to now with this project?

LakayPAM supports a few orphanages in Port au Prince. They also fund a soccer program for a few hundred boys. For some of these boys, the only square meal that they get in a day is at soccer practice. But they want to continue to expand. Right now they have about four or five hundred children that they aid through the program, but obviously there is a whole country full of children that could use their help.

Their newest program is giving well-bred bulls to the farmers so they can produce better cattle. The farmers have nothing really. So sort of random things that you feel would necessarily have an impact, help change.

HS: What’s the plan for tomorrow night at MILK Studios?

We’re going to be showing the video here and at the same time they will have all the pictures that Behati, who is a really good photographer, took on the trip. Then we hope to have some famous photographers auction off some of their work so that we can make the most amount of money for the kids.

HS: Do you plan to go back?

Yes, we’d love to. Maybe early next year, we’ll see how things are progressing down there.

HS: And, if kids want to send letters now is it too late?

Definitely not too late. They can be sent care of Wilhelmina. And once we get a certain chunk of them, Cedrick will then take them down and start the process all over again.

Photos By: Behati Prinsloo

Behati & I - from YouTube to campaign.

This afternoon I’m having my good friend Behati over for lunch. She’s been in Mexico working so I haven’t seen her in a while. I recently re-discovered this campaign we both did together and I wanted to share the funny story behind it: When we were baby-models, Behati and I would always room together during the fashion weeks in London, Milan and Paris. We got a little loopy sometimes and made these ridiculous videos on our MacBook which we infamously posted on YouTube. (You can see examples HERE and HERE.) Apparently the creative people at Holt Renfrew loved the videos so much they PAID us to remake the experience in a hotel room in Toronto. Another example of art imitating life or something like that…