LIFE via INSTAGRAM (Part Two) - March 4th to 15th

If you couldn’t already tell, I love a good selfie. Hopefully you like selfies too, because I’m about to show you nine of them. Thank you NYC for providing some cool backdrops. xx

  1. I’m very excited to announce my girls at Senhoa are launching their new Solidarity Collection on International Women’s Day (March 8th). All Senhoa jewelry is handmade by women and survivors of human trafficking and I am so proud to serve on their advisory board! 
  2. New cover alert! Harpers Bazaar Australia - stay tuned for the editorial. Xx
  3. Trying to nap on the floor of this set was not very comfy ‘til I #PutABagOnIt. Thanks Dannijo!! 👌👜😴
  4. #FlashbackFriday James and I getting ready for the McQueen Met Gala a few years ago. Always my favorite event with my favorite date.
  5. I’m gigantic! It’s all about the angle. #modeling101
  6. Tip of the hat to ya!
  7. Dare I say that spring has sprung in NYC today!?
  8. Day & night. Please check my last post - it’s been a long day.
  9. Hanging out with the boys on Greene Street. #DarthPunk #DaftVader #StarWarsChic #StormTrooperCouture


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