TEAM COCO SHOOT - Behind the Scenes

With the finale of The Face over and done with I know you’re already missing Team Coco (Hey, I am too!). Here’s a little shoot the girls and I did with Ben Cope of 7AM last month in LA. You might have seen some of the images already in my People Mag blogs

Special thanks to Stephen Steelman of Brigantine Films for documenting the whole experience, and Bob Dixon and Micki Schneider for helping put it all together for Marlee, Margaux, Brittany, Stephanie and myself.

Fashion by: Fausto PuglisiCote-Armour and Versace. Additional styling by Jayne Seward with clothes from Steve Madden, Alternative Apparel and THVM.

Hair & makeup by: Veronica Chu, Anna Branson and Tara Jean Mann.


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    It’s been a week since “The Face” finale and we miss it like crazy. Get your “Face” fill with this adorable...
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    Coco rules, Margaux or Stephanie should’ve won.
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