LIFE via INSTAGRAM - January 10th - 25th, 2013

Today’s installment of Life via Instagram is dedicated to The Face! In preparation for tomorrow night’s premiere, a tidal wave of campaigns and advertisements has swept New York. With the media blitz above and below ground, you literally cannot escape! Watch the casting special of The Face tomorrow night at 9/8c on Oxygen, and join me in a #teamcoco live tweeting session! 

Follow me at @cocorocha for more real-time updates. 

  1. Working on something special with Nigel Barker and Jason Binn.
  2. Meeting the #TeamCoco crew at The Westchester Mall today. So fun!!
  3. Pose-off with all the The Face girls at Westchester Mall!
  4. Behind the scenes with Nigel Barker on our Dujour shoot. My favorite pic is the lower right one where I’m showing Nigel my best self defense move!
  5. Spotted at 14th & 9th. #TheFace
  6. The Face - DeFaced. (At Spring St. Station)
  7. Another underground #TheFace sighting (we’re taking over NYC!).
  8. Thanks to Jason Binn and TWSteel for throwing Nigel Barker and me a great Dujour cover launch party!
  9. Attack of the 50ft Coco.


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